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New Business Ideas In Dubai

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Top Trending Businesses to Start in Dubai

Top Trending Businesses in Dubai
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Are you looking for a great business idea? These ideas will help you start and grow a successful business in Dubai.

Ever wonder what businesses other entrepreneurs are launching? We have compiled the top trending type of companies in Dubai based on our internal data.

1) e-Commerce

eCommerce Business

As lockdowns changed the world around us, consumers increasingly went digital, purchasing more goods and services online than ever before. As a result, small and medium retailers in the UAE that did not manage online stores before the pandemic, developed solutions to sell their products online, for instance, posting their products on online platforms or social media.

Entrepreneurs well versed in e-commerce launched new businesses to provide customized solutions to existing businesses. Others saw gaps in the market and launched e-commerce businesses in sectors that were bereft of any competition. The UAE, along with the broader GCC region, saw exponential growth in e-commerce. The trend is likely to continue for years as more customers embrace digital technologies.

2) Consultancy Services

Business Consultancy

The UAE has one of the largest consulting sectors in the region. Consultancy businesses come in many flavors. They can cover any number of disciplines such as information technology, logistics, marketing, management, finance, etc. Such companies are run by subject matter experts that can provide bespoke services and advice to businesses.

With companies looking to maximize each dirham in expenditure, consultants play a vital role in keeping costs lean and maximizing efficiencies. Many ex-pat workers choose to launch their own consultancy in Dubai once they have established themselves as subject matter experts within their industry.

3) Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing Business

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UAE. Small, medium, and large companies are using digital marketing to reach their target audience in ways that traditional marketing could never achieve.

Whether you are an established business or a start-up, digital marketing is the way to go! Moreover, due to this pandemic, business organizations want to transform their marketing process from traditional to digital through guidance from digital marketing agencies and consultants.

4) Handyman Services

Handyman Business

With people spending more time at home than ever, the demand for home improvement and repairs is very high. Also, many of the houses and apartments built over the last twenty years are reaching a state where they require a bit more maintenance than before.

Skilled handymen such as plumbers, electricians, and general maintenance providers are very high in demand. Those who can leverage these service providers into an economical package for consumers will have a strong business for years to come.

5) Tourism

Dubai - Travel Tourism Business

There is no doubt that Dubai is a major tourist destination. As restrictions across the world ease, the tourism sector is expected to make a solid recovery. Companies of all sizes are entering the lucrative tourism sector as travel agencies, group tour companies, bespoke tour agencies, and more.

With proximity to markets such as India, China, Russia, and easy tourist visa issuance, the city will retain the title of the “go-to” destination for many years. As a result, investors are launching tourism businesses in anticipation of unprecedented growth in the years to come.

6) Food

Foodstuff Trading

UAE is both a major importer and exporter of food products to the broader region. It has also become a re-exporter to markets across the globe.  A considerable amount of investment in food processing and handling facilities has yielded quality products that resonate with consumers in distinct markets.

There has also been a growth in greenhouses and new innovative techniques to grow food sustainably. Investments in local food production are strong for the foreseeable future, and therefore starting a food trading company is a no-brainer!

7) Health & Beauty Services

Healthcare Business

With high levels of disposable income, Dubai is the perfect market for health and beauty services. As residents stayed within the UAE borders over the last year, many chose to pamper themselves via health and beauty services. The demand was so great that many firms had appointments stretching over several weeks and months.

We have seen substantial growth in investors in the health and beauty sector over the last few months. This is driven by a resurgent tourist market and niche services catering to the various ethnic communities in the city. The industry is predicted to grow by 12.7 percent and reach a value of $58.3 billion by 2025.

8) IT Services

IT Consultancy

The pandemic has thrust us forward in terms of IT services – and there’s no going back. IT, which the government refers to as ICT, is a sector where all levels of the UAE government are keen on growing further. The government has numerous initiatives to support the industry’s growth as part of its plan in sustaining this strategic sector. Entrepreneurs can bid for lucrative government contracts in this sector.

Many companies in the private sector have exponentially increased expenditures on IT as they adjust to remote and hybrid working environments. Businesses need to make their IT system capable to withstand cybersecurity threats and compatible with data protection laws.

9) Real Estate

Real Estate Business Dubai

Real estate continues to be a strong contributing factor to the growth of Dubai. With new long-term visas tied to real estate investment, the long-range prospects for the market are strong. UAE is also extending long-term residency permits to highly skilled students and professionals, which means more people will settle in Dubai for the long term.

10) Restaurants

Cafeteria Business License Dubai

The restaurant industry in Dubai is extremely diverse. There is a variety of food service providers and a variety of consumer preferences. Every week new entrepreneurs launch new restaurants in the city.

The factors that have contributed to the growth in the restaurant sector in Dubai are high disposable income, an influx of tourists, and consumers’ evolving preferences. Ordering food at home and dining out are two favorite pastimes of local nationals. As per a report by Mordor Intelligence, a market research agency, close to 32 percent of Emiratis are willing to spend AED 100-300 while eating outside.

The pandemic also led to more people ordering via delivery services than ever before. To a certain degree, consumers who had never felt comfortable trying out new delivery technology and services were propelled by the crisis to try it out. Many will continue to be loyal customers for years to come.

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