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Start an online business in Dubai: All you need to know

Start an online business in Dubai
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We can help you on start an online business in Dubai in UAE and take you closer to the commencement of your business on the fast track! How to start online business in UAE? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur that has been toying with this burning question? You are not alone! we receive numerous enquiries from entrepreneurs such as you, about the possibility of start an online business in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. To take the weight off your shoulders, Let us answer your question in the most direct way possible- YES! We have streamlined processes in place that are carefully engineered to help you launch your business that is safeguarded by the laws of UAE.

What is an online business?

An online business means you can trade using the internet. This is obviously not limited to goods, You can provide online services to customers as well. Here are some of the online businesses:

  1. Online store
  2. SaaS
  3. Digital Marketing 
  4. Food and bakery
  5. Online yoga
  6. Virtual fitness training
  7. Online courses
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Online consultation
  10.  Web development

These are just some of the trending online businesses in Dubai, and if you get in touch with us, Our team can guide you through all there is to online business ideas, and help you structure your business identity. In this blog, we will guide you through the steps and guidelines you need to know in order to learn how to start  online business in UAE.

Why should you start an online business in the UAE?

  • Keep all your profits
  • Own and control the whole business
  • Quick and simple business license application
  • Affordable startup and running costs
  • Tax-free income on your personal earnings
  • Streamlined business operations
  • Help with opening a bank account
  • 3-year residency visa opportunity

Why to Start an online business in Dubai immediately

While there are hundreds of reasons to start an online business in UAE, We’d like to warn you about just one reason- Saturation!

Yes, Dubai is growing and thriving faster than most economies in the world. This has got to do a lot with the easier entry points and the extreme ease of facilitation by the Government of UAE. This is a great relief for aspiring entrepreneurs. However, the number of online businesses are increasing day by day and before the market gets saturated, We implore you to get in touch with us (*Insert CTA) and begin now!

How to start online business in UAE

Step 1: Choose the name of your online business

Make sure to choose a name that follows all the guidelines laid out by the UAE law, and also run a trademark search to make sure that another business doesn’t already have your desired name registered.

Step 2: Decide between freezone or mainland license

Free zone companies enjoy benefits like 100% business profit repatriation, no corporate tax, 100% business ownership, and no customs fees. However, If your business has an extended focus on the international market, Mainland companies have the advantage of accessing both international and local markets.

Step 3: Apply for an e-commerce license

Mainland license applications are submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED), while free zone applications are submitted directly to the chosen free zone. 

Here is a breakdown of the online business licenses available:

  • E-trader License: This license lets you trade products and services online, and you do not even require a physical office. Perfect for those who want to hit the ground running with minimal overhead.
  • Portal License:  If you are not a UAE national, But still want to know how to start your online business in UAE? The Portal License opens the door for you to legally sell products and services online. 
  • Virtual Company License: This license lets you manage your company remotely, ideal for design, advertising, and programming businesses.  Imagine running your business from anywhere in the world, with Dubai as your official business hub.

Step 4: Apply for visas

Once your license is approved, apply for UAE visas for yourself, your staff, and your family members if needed. This step allows you to legally reside and work in the UAE.

Step 5: Open a business bank account

Once you are ready to start your online business in Dubai, You need to level up your business and establish a firm financial ground by opening a business bank account. This means you can establish a good relationship with the financial institutions in UAE and build a good reputation. We can help you open your business bank account seamlessly! Get in touch with us (*Insert CTA) and learn more about opening a business bank account in UAE.

This is a very crucial step to start an online business in Dubai. You must verify your identity and establish your authenticity by submitting these below mentioned documents for a smooth sail. Incorrect or shady documentation is something we steers away from, as we are aware that a slight honest mistake could result in your application getting rejected.

Here are the documents you need to submit for starting online business in Dubai:

  • The investor’s passport copy
    • Passport copy of the local sponsor (if any)
    • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) if you or any other shareholder is working in a UAE company
    • A copy of your Emirates ID
    • The application form of registration from DED
    • An attested tenancy contract for the office premises (if any)
    • An attested Memorandum of Association from public notary

How much does it cost to start an online business in UAE:

The upside of start an online business in Dubai is its affordability! You can expect to invest anywhere from AED 15,500 to AED 30,000 to get your venture up and running. This cost might increase slightly if you need extra permits or choose a foreign business name. But overall, Dubai offers a budget-friendly environment to start your online business in UAE.

Yes! While it’s perfectly legal to operate online, there are some regulations in place that you must follow for a smooth and safe experience for everyone.  Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits is a breeze, and the government provides ample support for eCommerce ventures.

Start your online business today! 

Get in touch with us to get on the fast track to launch your online dream and impact millions of lives! Business in Dubai are the pioneers in helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses. We understand the importance of cost, time and value for each entrepreneur. Our years worth of experience has helped us refine our services and maximize the value output for you! This means we are excellent at helping you start your online business in UAE and we can get you started today! 


What is an online business?

An online business allows you to trade goods or provide services over the internet. This can range from running an online store to providing digital marketing services, online fitness training, or web development.

Why should I start an online business in Dubai?

Start an online business in Dubai offers numerous benefits such as retaining all profits, full control of your business, tax-free personal income, affordable startup and operational costs, streamlined business processes, and support with financial setup like bank account opening. Additionally, the opportunity for a 3-year residency visa enhances the appeal.

What steps are involved in starting an online business in the UAE?

The key steps include:
Choosing a business name that complies with UAE regulations.
Deciding between a freezone or mainland business license.
Applying for the appropriate e-commerce license.
Obtaining visas for yourself, your family, and employees if needed.
Opening a business bank account.

What types of licenses are available for online businesses in Dubai?

E-trader License: Suitable for trading products and services online without requiring a physical office.
Portal License: Allows non-UAE nationals to legally sell online.
Virtual Company License: Ideal for managing a business remotely, particularly suitable for sectors like design, advertising, and programming.

What are the legal requirements to start an online business in the UAE?

Key documents include:
Passport copy of the investor and any local sponsors.
No Objection Certificate (NOC) if applicable.
Copy of Emirates ID.
Application form from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
Attested tenancy contract and Memorandum of Association if applicable.

How much does it cost to start an online business in Dubai?

The initial investment for start an online business in Dubai typically ranges from AED 15,500 to AED 30,000. This cost may vary depending on additional permits or specific business requirements.

Is it legal to operate an online business in Dubai without a license?

No, while you can set up an online presence, conducting business transactions and operating officially requires obtaining the necessary licenses and permits as regulated by the UAE government.

How can I start immediately before the market gets saturated?

To avoid market saturation and establish your business while conditions are favorable, contact us to guide you through the process efficiently, ensuring compliance and a quick start to your online business.

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