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How to Start and Grow a Cafeteria Business in Dubai?

Cafeteria Business License Dubai
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This article will highlight how you can start and grow your cafeteria business in Dubai.

Regardless of fluctuations in the economic cycle, one of the most consistent sectors in Dubai has been the cafeteria sector. It is often said that international cafeteria businesses test their concept in Dubai before expanding to neighboring GCC markets.

How to Start a Cafeteria Business in UAE?

A cafeteria is a type of food service business in which there is minimal or no waiting staff or table service.  Thereby starting a business in Dubai will require that you only hire a few employees which equates to lower staff sponsorship and ongoing costs than restaurants.

Cafeterias tend to be in areas with high footfall such as business districts, shopping, and residential areas. Unlike high-end restaurants, they don’t need any fancy décor, world-class chefs, or exclusive locations. The success of a cafeteria lies in accessibility, affordability, and convenience. This is the reason one can find successful cafeterias catering to nearly all segments of society, making them more resilient to economic cycles.

How to Get a Cafeteria License in Dubai?

You will need a license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) alongside approvals from the Dubai municipality to operate your cafeteria. The essential documents that you will need to provide are the following:

  • A detailed blueprint of your facility
    • Highlight all areas of food processing and storage
    • Highlight all restrooms
    • Pinpoint areas of ventilation and windows
    • Entry and exit points
    • Location of kitchen equipment (washing machine for example)
  • NOC from the Dubai municipality to establish your establishment
  • Tenancy contract for your establishment
  • License application
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Company name approval letter
  • Passport copies of management, and shareholder(s)

The timeframe to get your cafeteria business license can vary. Also, additional time must be allotted if you need to complete renovation work for your establishment. In general, expect to allocate a minimum of 90 days from your application date to open the doors of your cafeteria for clients.

What Are the Critical Elements of a Successful Cafeteria Business?

A great menu that caters to the taste of your target audience is vital to the success of your business. Some cafeterias go with the mentality of trying to cater to everyone’s taste which is appropriate only if you are a buffet establishment. However, most cafeterias will have to put a limit on the number of items on offer.

Start by conducting a demographic audit of the area before launching your business. You may discover that your audience favors vegetarian dishes or that adjusting your price point based on local income levels will lead to an increase in client volume.

How to Grow Small Cafeteria Business?

In the initial stages, the lack of awareness of your business is a critical challenge that must be overcome. Start by targeting local corporate offices via exclusive specials for their employees. Advertising online on sites like Groupon or The Entertainer will allow people to sample the foods that you offer so they become repeat customers.

Your key audience is the local populace in proximity to your site. You can reach out to them via a mixture of direct marketing (flyers, brochures, and specials) as well as targeted online adverts. Offer 2 for one meal; customer loyalty rewards program or partnerships with other local businesses.

Meet with a Specialist / Business Consultant

We have helped establish a significant number of cafeterias in Dubai. We can provide you with money and time-saving advice. In last, We offer a free consultation where one of our seasoned experts will provide you with business setup advice along with access to our extensive network of partners. Don’t delay, reach out today if you are looking to start cafeteria business or any other business in Dubai.

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