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Understanding the eChannel System in the UAE – Fees, Benefits and How to Register

eChannel UAE
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eChannel UAE – A complete guide to the eChannel system, fees, benefits, and how to register for the eChannel in the UAE.

Launched by the UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI), the purpose of the eChannel UAE system is to act as a centralized hub for all transactions related to visas and residence applications. This initiative is part of the UAE 2021 vision to promote digital services.

How to Register for eChannel UAE Access?

The eChannel immigration portal has been designed to be very easy to use. If your company is incorporated in a free zone, they will provide you with specific instructions on registering for the eChannel. You can register for your eChannel portal via the free zone appointed agent or authorized typing centers.

You can also visit the eChannel website on the MOI site and select establishment services. Upon clicking the “Registration” button. You will be asked to input your email address. Instructions on setting up your account will be sent to your email. Once you have received your confirmation message from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), select the “Complete Registration” link to continue creating your profile. Once set up on the eChannel immigration system portal, you can start using online services right away.

What are the Benefits of the UAE eChannel Immigration System?

  • Speedy processing for visa and residency permits.
  • Establishment cards, amendments, renewals, and most other associated activities can be managed from a single portal.
  • Entry permits are issued electronically, eliminating the need to visit any free zone offices for collection.
  • It eliminates the need to submit original passports for some services, including visa cancellation and status change.

The system has streamlined a previously time-consuming process and cut back the amount of paperwork involved in the visa process. For example, documents such as passports or ID cards no longer need to be submitted as hard copies. Instead, they can be scanned and uploaded to the eChannel UAE portal. Fees can also be paid online. The online system has reduced the need for physical visits to government immigrations centers and typing centers by as much as 95%.

Is it Mandatory for all Free Zone Companies to Register for eChannel UAE Access?

The UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI) aspires to move all free zone companies to register via the eChannel UAE immigration system. There are a few exemptions for free zone companies in Dubai; however, most free zones have a similar online application system.

Are there any Associated Fees with the eChannel System?

The registration fee is around AED 2,300. A refundable deposit of AED 5,100 is also required. This is to be paid only once. Companies already registered in the system may have to renew the registration annually, and the charges applicable will be around AED 1,200. These charges may vary slightly depending on the relevant licensing authority. Many free zones have special offers where eChannel deposits are waived.

Above all, please speak to us for precise costing relating to the eChannel UAE for your applicable jurisdiction.

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