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How to Become a Legitimate Personal Trainer in Dubai?

Personal Trainer
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Becoming a personal trainer is a great career choice if you love fitness and helping others achieve their goals. As a fitness aficionado, you’ve probably already done unofficial personal training over the years. There are more steps to take to get certified as a personal trainer. Set yourself up as a personal training professional and offer your services in compliance with the law.

Personal Trainer Professional Qualifications

If you want to become a personal trainer, you’ll need much more than general knowledge of how to operate gym equipment. The entry-level qualification is a Diploma in Personal Training which is offered by several training institutes across Dubai. The qualification will give you the training to work with clients in a gym or as a freelance personal trainer.

If you intend to work with specialised populations, such as pregnant women, morbidly obese individuals or elderly clients, you might need additional training beyond your trainer certification.

Once you have obtained your training qualification, you will need to register with the Register of Exercise Professionals UAE (REPs UAE). The register lists all fitness professionals in Dubai who hold approved qualifications as personal trainers. REPs UAE membership is mandatory for all fitness professionals according to the Dubai Sports Council.

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Build a Solid Business Plan

As with any business with a low barrier to entry, the personal trainer field is crowded. You will need to conduct thorough research and build a comprehensive business plan that clarifies how you will acquire a sustainable client base.

Word-of-mouth promotion is one of your best tools. But before you can have satisfied clients, you have to have some clients. You could opt to work at an established gym in the beginning to establish a strong word of mouth reputation.

If you decide to work inside a gym, you can reasonably expect them to have a fair amount of fitness equipment. But you might have to invest in some basic items of equipment. This includes weights, jump ropes, fitness balls and more if you plan to do exercise in parks or other public areas.

Buy Liability Insurance for Fitness Training

If you train out of an established gym, it may offer some liability coverage. Check your contract terms carefully with a trained professional. Carrying your own liability insurance is a good idea. Even if the gym give you insurance because the gym’s insurance won’t cover you during your work outside the gym. If you decide to open your own personal training studio, you’ll need to insure the premises and equipment as well.

Personal Trainer Licensing

You will need to obtain a professional licence through one of the UAE’s free zones offering sports services. A consultant can help you choose the best jurisdiction based on your budget for the personal trainer license. Once you have your free zone licence, you’ll then need to lodge an application for a work permit from the General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare in Dubai.

It’s vital that you complete both stages of this process because free zones can issue sports services licences but cannot authorise you to work in the Dubai mainland. If you do not comply with the rules, you will be subject to extensive fines and other legal penalties.

If you decide to open your own fitness studio, then the process is a bit more complex. You will need to get a professional license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to ply your trade. Once you get the clearance from DED, you can then obtain a lease agreement for a site in Dubai of your choosing. As this process can be complex, it pays to seek guidance from a UAE company formation specialist before embarking on this step.

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