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How to Start a Gym / Fitness Center in Dubai?

Gym Fitness Center Dubai UAE
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This article will provide you with guidance on how to launch a fitness center in Dubai.

A UAE fitness market outlook released by the firm Ken Research indicates that the fitness sector is set to boom in the coming years. According to the company, the number of fitness centers in the UAE is expected to grow by an additional 1,400 outlets by 2022 due to growth driven by companies such as Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, and Lifeline Wellness but also by new entrants to the market.

Franchise vs Independent Gym / Fitness Centers

Entrepreneurs can either go with an established fitness center franchise or start an independent brand. Each option comes with opportunities and costs; ultimately, you will need to determine which model is suitable for your requirements.

The key benefit of going with a franchise option is that the brand is often well recognized and established; therefore, it makes it easier to get and grow a client base. The franchise company often provides you with a turnkey solution that includes help with the incorporation process, marketing services, and equipment suppliers. Some will even help you lease a site through one of their trusted real estate partners.

The downside of going with the franchise option is that the firm will charge a set fee or a percentage of your earnings for the privilege of representing the brand. You will also need to abide by corporate guidelines on the services or classes you can offer and follow pricing guidelines. In some instances, you will agree only to get clients from a particular geographic area.

If you choose to start an independent fitness center, the benefit is that you have complete control over how you run the business and can keep all your income. The downside is that it can take some time and money to get recognized in your community.

Fitness Center Incorporation Process

While it is possible to open a fitness center in a free zone, most entrepreneurs chose to open a center close to major residential areas. This often means that the most common route to incorporate is via a local license. For general information on how to get a local license as an ex-pat, please read this article for further details.

A fitness center license requires clearances from the General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare, Dubai Municipality, and the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

There are specific requirements that are mandatory at all gym/fitness centers in Dubai:

  • Clean drinking water sources must exist within premises;
  • Bathroom facilities for men and women;
  • Changing room with lockers;
  • A complete first aid kit;
  • Exercise equipment in working order;
  • No smoking on-site and have policies to this effect;
  • Valid and working fire extinguishers;
  • Suitable ventilation and lighting;
  • A supply of towels that are routinely laundered;
  • A working drainage system;
  • Hand wash facilities;
  • Employees must be dressed in a proper uniform with the company’s name or logo;
  • The floor for the sports equipment must be shock-resistant. Other areas must be hazard-free and easy to clean.

Skip the Red Tape by Appointing a Consultant

Just like you would not expect a person who has never worked out to master every piece of equipment in a fitness center on their first visit, it is unrealistic to expect every entrepreneur to execute the company incorporation process flawlessly. Let our seasoned consultants take care of all your paperwork while you can focus on marketing and launching your fitness center in Dubai. We can help you begin the journey through a free phone consultation today!

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