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DED Dubai: What is DED and How to Obtain a DED Professional License?

DED Dubai - Professional License
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In this article, we discuss DED Dubai’s role and provide tips on getting a professional license.

DED Dubai

Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, commonly known as DED Dubai, is a government body tasked with attracting international investments and tourism, enhancing the local economy, supporting SMEs, and developing plans for Dubai’s new economic sectors.

Created in 1992, DED grew from a strictly regulatory and administrative organization to a world-class body that sets the course for doing business in the Emirate of Dubai. In 2021, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, merged the Department of Economic Development and Dubai Tourism into one entity under the name of the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism.

New entrepreneurs’ first interaction with the DED will be in the process of getting a business license to engage in their chosen trade.

A DED business license is often known as a “mainland company” or “local company“. DED acts as a one-window operation for all local companies. A DED-issued license is popular because it has fewer limitations, unlike a free zone license. Engage directly with consumers and businesses without the bureaucracy that free zone license holders contend with. In addition, there are no minimum capital requirements to form a DED-licensed company.

The DED Dubai issues several types of licenses:

1) Professional License:

A professional license is for entrepreneurs providing a service.

2) Commercial License:

A commercial license is for companies engaged in the trade of products.

3) Industrial License:

An industrial license is for companies engaged in manufacturing.

To get a professional license, first, you must register the proposed name of your business with the DED. Next, you must list all the business activities you intend to pursue. Later, followed by providing DED with a tenancy contract for the location of your business. Lastly, you will receive an invoice for the license cost and need to settle all the fees. The time frame to get a license can range from as little as a few days to several weeks, depending on whether all your documents are in order.

Instant DED Dubai Business License

DED has a service called “Instant License,” which allows businesses to get a trade license without going through extensive paperwork. Entrepreneurs can apply for a Dubai trade license through the DED online portal and get a professional license in a few minutes. However, this service is in its early stages and unavailable for all business activities.

Full Ownership with DED Dubai Professional License

With a DED professional license, you’ll need a contract with a local service agent who can be paid a set annual fee. However, you will have complete ownership of all shares in your business. We can operate as your local service agent and provide you with an agreement to set out what we can facilitate for you. When applying for visas and other services, the local service agent comes into play.

Get Professional Advice to Setup Mainland Company in Dubai

We are seasoned consultants that help entrepreneurs get professional licenses throughout the year. In addition, we offer a free initial consultation that will set you on the right path to success. Contact us today to speak to one of our business incorporation consultants.

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