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How to Start a Daycare Business in Dubai?

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If you have years of experience caring for children, are a current or former educator, or have an entrepreneurial streak-you could consider starting your own daycare business.

You’ll need to perform due diligence to start your daycare business, paying special attention to licensing requirements and ensuring that your facility and program aligns with Dubai’s legal requirements.

Although every path toward starting a business looks different for every business owner, there are a few steps that every aspiring day care owner needs to take to set themselves up for success.

The first and foremost task you need to undertake is to create a comprehensive business plan. The second part is finding the ideal location for your business. Keep in mind that the location of the premises cannot be near industrial zones or labour housing sites. The last but most important aspect is to find the right partner to help you guide through the licensing process.

We will focus on getting a local license through the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) as this is the most popular jurisdiction.

Daycare Business Licensing Process

Opening a daycare centre in Dubai requires the blessing of the Ministry of Social Affairs. You will need to apply online. The Ministry of Social Affairs requires you to submit an Arabic translation of the name of your business.

Here are a few of the requirements for a daycare business in Dubai that you will need to provide to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Dubai Department of Economic Development:

  • Passport copy of the owner and Emirati partner
  • Educational profile and attested degrees of the entrepreneur
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Photos of the business owner
  • Appointment letter of a UAE or GCC National as the daycare manager
  • The location and drawing for the proposed daycare centre
  • Municipality and Civil Defence Approval

Once you obtain approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs, you will need to submit the signed tenancy contract. After that, you will submit your business plan which highlights the operational arrangements of your business.

Also, you will need to submit an education plan to the Ministry of Education for review as daycare centres usually have an educational element. We advise that you get first-hand knowledge of the existing syllabus before you provide anything for government review. A seasoned consultant can review your documents, kindly note that the ministry only allows you to submit documents three times.

Site Approval

Your physical location needs approval from the Dubai Municipality – Department of Health and Public Safety.

Your business site should have appropriate safety features in the event of an emergency. As the safety of children is involved, its recommended that you have a thorough inspection of the site by a third party to make sure the site doesn’t have any safety concerns.

A Consultant Will Save You Time and Money

In conclusion, the daycare business licensing and approval process can be quite cumbersome. Because the authorities want to make sure kids are safe. By hiring a consultant, you can significantly cut down on the time frame. And reduce the chances of having to submit documents multiple times for clarification. Therefore book a free consultation to speak to us on how we can turn your daycare dream into reality.

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