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How to Start a Beauty Salon Business in Dubai?

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Beauty Salon Business

It’s not always easy looking glamourous in Dubai, that’s why there are beauty salons across the city to help you stay in top shape.

While the city already has its fair share of beauty salons, new entrants into the market continue to generate a healthy profit for its owners. From tourists to expats with substantial disposable income, your potential to attract clients is virtually unlimited.

One of the key aspects of the salon business is that it’s a regulated activity by the Dubai Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety) which segregates it by gender.

The Dubai Economic Department has a code for women’s salon (930203) and one for men’s salon (930201). You will need to decide in advance which gender you would like to cater to, as this also has an implication on the staff that you will have at your salon. Keep in mind that rules and regulations in this sector are constantly evolving. Hence a free consultation with our experts can help you with information on salons for either gender. It goes without saying that a good location is critical to your success.

In most cases, people will not travel long distances to visit your salon. Therefore you need to select a location that is near your core clientele. Factors you want to take into account also include proximity to well-established salons and areas that have high footfall.

While it’s true that commercial leases tend to be more expensive in key areas, setting up a salon out of sight can be a recipe for disaster. There are specific minimum size guidelines that also apply; please speak to one of our consultants for the necessary specs.

Salon Services License in Dubai

You will need to plan regarding what services will be offered at your salon.

Are you going to stick to the typical manicures, pedicures, hair services, and so on? Or are you going to offer services such as dermatological treatments and advanced cosmetic services?

If you are doing the latter, then you will have to make sure that the people performing these services have the proper licenses and that you are authorized to offer these procedures. Not have the correct permissions can lead to hefty fines and even the revocation of your business license.

If you have specialists on-site, you can offer them employment on a base rate and an added commission structure on top. It’s quite common for salons to incentivize employees with commissions to attract clients to a new salon.

Your specialists might already have an established client base who will then become familiar with your salon. Alternatively, you can engage with known personalities within the sector and offer to “rent a booth” as needed and you can collect a commission on all treatments.

The key is to work on a number of tactics to get the necessary footfall into your salon, so people can become familiar with it.

Salon Business Insurance

All beauty salon businesses have occasional mishaps such as damaged hair or a customer extremely unhappy with their treatment, therefore make sure you have the right insurance to protect your business.

Keep in mind that premiums can greatly vary based on the type of services that you offer. You must also remember that the insurance will cover you for services that you perform at the salon and any service such as the home or mobile services are not covered.

Launch Successful Salon Business in Dubai

Our consultants have created many salon business plans for clients and helped establish dozens of beauty salons in Dubai. Speak to us, and we can put you in contact with some of our clients who can provide you with top tips on what it takes to launch a successful business.

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