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How to Start a PRO Services Business in Dubai?

PRO Services Dubai
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Are you looking for the best PRO services in Dubai or want to start a PRO company? Continue reading!

The term PRO is an acronym for Public Relations Officer. To many expats, that sounds like a title for someone who issues press releases on behalf of a company. Throughout the GCC, the term PRO has a very distinct meaning, and you should instead consider them as Government Liaison Officers. They act as an intermediary between your business and government departments so that your firm can function within local rules and regulations.

PRO Services: Essential for Every Business

Every business in Dubai needs a PRO. They provide an essential role in securing visas through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA). They handle formalities with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), and Dubai Courts, amongst many others.

While Dubai is making great progress in transitioning to an e-Government, there are still many procedures that require a personal understanding of the process and knowledge of the Arabic language. Instead of getting it wrong and wasting time, it’s significantly easier for a company to use the PRO services.

While every firm may require the services of a PRO, it is not cost effective for small to medium-sized businesses to keep a PRO on the payroll as a full-time employee. So companies instead use the services of a PRO company to save money and to have access to seasoned professionals.

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What Every PRO Service Business Requires?

The key elements of a successful PRO business are:

  • Arabic speaking staff who are familiar with government rules and practices.
  • Great client communication skills and proficiency in managing customer expectations. As with government procedures anywhere in the world, delays and changes are normal; therefore it is important to let clients know in advance so that you are not overpromising and under delivering.
  • Diversification of services. The most successful PRO businesses in Dubai provide a wide range of services beyond government service facilitation. Find a few areas that you can expand to and thereby widen your service offerings and earning potential.

You should also investigate the most profitable business model for your PRO services. Some firms choose to offer ad-hoc services while others are on a retainer agreement. A retainer agreement guarantees an income stream over an agreed period which can help you plan your staffing requirements accordingly.

Launching your PRO Business                

You will require a local license through the DED to launch your PRO service business. We recommend that you work with a UAE sponsor who is already working in the PRO service sector. However, if you need a local partner, we can help you find one suitable for your needs.

You will require a physical site for your business. It’s quite common for PRO service businesses to cluster in busy commercial areas or near government offices. You can also partner with a local business centre whom you can form a reciprocal relationship by providing your services to its members.

Most importantly, the success or failure of your business depends greatly on the staff that you hire. Great PROs are those that have years of experience in dealing with government authorities and those that have strong personal relationships with key personnel. Accordingly, you will have to headhunt extensively to find the right caliber of people working for you.

We can help you launch your PRO service business. Our seasoned PROs and business consultants can tell you what businesses are looking for and how to make a success out of your venture. Our in-person consultation is complimentary, and we will give you critical insight into this growing sector. Don’t delay!

Gilbert Sakr

Do you need help in business setup or looking to start a business in Dubai? Here you will find all the information and business ideas you need for starting your own company in Dubai.

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