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How to Start a Playschool in Dubai?

Playschool Dubai
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The purpose of this article is to guide how to start a playschool in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the premier markets in the region to start a playschool. With a growing ex-pat population who often migrates with young children, the demand for quality playschools remains strong regardless of fluctuations in the economic cycle.

Although it is possible to start a playschool in a free zone, it is not the most feasible option. This article will focus on getting a local license through the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Playschool License

Playschool businesses are regulated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Knowledge and Human Development Authority. You will need to apply online to get the process started. Government departments require you to submit an Arabic translation of the name of your business. (You might need the guidance of PRO Services Dubai for any translation services in Dubai.)

Here are a few of the requirements for a playschool in Dubai that you will need to provide to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, and Dubai Department of Economic Development:

  • Passport copy of the owner and Emirati partner
  • Educational profile and attested degrees of the entrepreneur
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Photos of the business owner
  • Appointment letter of a UAE or GCC National as the playschool manager
  • The location and drawing for the proposed playschool centre
  • Municipality and Civil Defence Approval
  • Business plan

Your business plan must highlight the operational arrangements of your business. An education plan to the Ministry of Education is also mandatory. We advise that you get first-hand knowledge of the existing syllabus in Dubai before you provide anything for government review.

Playschool Site Approval

Your physical location needs approval from the Dubai Municipality – Department of Health and Public Safety. Your business site should have appropriate safety features in the event of an emergency. Playschools should be typically built using concrete.

As the safety of children is involved, the materials on-site should not be hazardous to the health of children and must comply with modern safety requirements.  Equally, all equipment and toys used in your site must be safe for use by children.

Use Business Consultants to Cut Through the Red Tape

The process to start a playschool can be cumbersome for people not accustomed to dealing with government entities. Our consultants have helped many entrepreneurs achieve their dream of starting a playschool. Let us guide you through the journey with a free consultation.

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