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How to Start a Pest Control Business in Dubai?

Pest Control Business
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This article will provide you with guidance on how to start a pest control enterprise in Dubai.

Dubai’s weather conditions, such as year-round warm temperatures and high humidity, make it the ideal habitat for pests. Just about every building or home can get bug or rodent infestation of some sort. Pest control businesses eliminate or significantly reduce these pests with chemicals and other forms of treatments. The businesses have diverse clientele as they can treat homes, businesses, schools, and other facilities.

Most people wanting to start their pest control firm have previously worked in this industry as a technician. They have first-hand knowledge and experience with the nature of the work. This means that you most likely have already passed a pest control license examination with Dubai Municipality demonstrating your understanding of pests, chemicals, and control techniques.

Due to demand, Dubai has an incredibly competitive pest control market ranging from major international brands to small and medium enterprises. You may be asking yourself if it is possible to make a decent living owning and operating a pest control business in Dubai. The short answer is yes, but it will not happen instantly. It will depend on your marketing ability, capacity to get lucrative contracts from major companies, and the pace at which you grow the business.

Pest Control Business License

Most pest control services have a local business license via the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). You can find information on how to obtain a local license by reading this article on our site. However, a pest control business has a few additional requirements and caveats as required by Dubai Municipality.

To operate a pest control license, you will need to meet these three requirements:

  • Hire an Engineer to act as a supervisor. The engineer must have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, insect protection, pesticide management, public protection, and one year of pest control experience. The engineer must complete and pass an exam at the Dubai Municipality.
  • Retain a minimum of 2 technicians. These technicians must pass the Dubai municipality exam.
  • Own or lease a company van.

Here are some helpful guidelines on the pest control exams:

  • Test takers will need a minimum of 70 percent correct answers. If failed, there is one month waiting period between tests.
  • It can take up to 3 weeks to get the test results.
  • Once the exam is passed, the test taker will be issued with an identification card.

Decide Which Pest Services to Offer

When deciding on the range of pest control services to offer, you should keep in mind certain things. These include:

  • The size of your business. If you have only a few staff members, you may have to limit the number of services you offer so that you are not swamped.
  • Residential vs commercial services. You may decide to focus on one type of client over the other. If you get a lucrative commercial contract, you could focus on providing a set number of services commonly needed by businesses.

Pest Control Business Setup

As a pest control professional, you know better than most that certain things are best left in professionals’ hands. Let us take care of all the bureaucracy while you focus on growing your business. Make your dreams come true with a free consultation.

Gilbert Sakr

Do you need help in business setup or looking to start a business in Dubai? Here you will find all the information and business ideas you need for starting your own company in Dubai.

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