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How to Open a Wedding Planning Company in Dubai?

Wedding Planning
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Weddings are joyous occasions for those getting married as well as friends and family. However, it is also a stressful and expensive event, requiring extensive planning and organising. That’s why wedding planning services have become so popular in Dubai with many couples prepared to pay a premium to take away the stress and ensure that they can focus on enjoying their big day.

Open Wedding Planning Business

There are no qualifications required to start a wedding planning business. The most important skill is top-notch project management. The more prior experience of wedding planning you have, the easier it will be to win clients. This also helps build up their trust. It’s critical to have a portfolio of your work to showcase what you can offer.

It is possible to start a wedding planning business with very little cost. Many wedding planners start via freelance permits. This is a great way to save money, especially in the first year. Once your company begins to expand, you could consider a local license issued via the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Your biggest source of expenditure is likely to be marketing. You will also need to budget for reliable transport to take you to various wedding venues. Your marketing will need to convey that you can help people to make their dreams a reality. And that you have the practical experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Establish Your Vendor Network

It’s often said that a wedding planner is only as good as what their network can deliver. You will need to know the best florists, caterers, beauty salons, bakers, dressmakers, limousine rental companies, photographers, and reception venues in town. You should do extensive research before launching your business. It helps a lot if you have worked previously in the wedding planning sector in Dubai.

Your vendor network should cater to multiple price points and the specific needs of various demographic groups in Dubai. A high-end Bollywood themed wedding catering for 500 guests will have different requirements for a small budget-conscious friend and family only wedding.

Your network should also cater to the latest wedding trends. Read local bridal magazines, scour wedding and photography websites and social networks for ideas. You will need to understand what kinds of weddings are popular in your area. Trends can shift quickly and your network should evolve accordingly.

The Right License for Your Wedding Planning Business

While freelance permits might be a great option for those on a limited budget, you could start with a license that gives you the largest scope in terms of coverage. Since wedding planning comes under a professional license, you only need to appoint a UAE national as a local service agent as opposed to a majority shareholder to get a local licence. The agent does not have any direct involvement in the company, apart from charging a fixed annual fee for the service offered. They will have no equity in your wedding planning company. If you don’t know someone who could act as a local service agent, our company is happy to acquire one for you.

With a local licence, you can operate from a business centre or get your commercial premises. Your site can act as a marketing hub with samples from your vendor network, as well as a place for a team of professional wedding planners to have one on one meetings with clients.

A free zone licence is also a viable option. And the recent growth in entrepreneurs holding free zone wedding planner licences can attest to this. As you are mostly involved in the project management aspect and the services are provided by local vendors with local licences, therefore, free zone licence can be fit for purpose. Our consultants can help you choose amongst the myriad of free zone options based on your requirements.

Let Professionals Give You Peace of Mind

Just like those planning a wedding put their trust in seasoned professionals to execute their event, you should leave your wedding planning business launch to consultants who start businesses for a living. Our experienced group has launched some of the biggest brands in the sector. We would be more than happy to provide you with the correct advice to start your business.

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