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How to Open a Company in the Farming Sector in Dubai?

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UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment has made it a priority to facilitate the growth of the domestic farming sector with the aid of the latest technology. Sustainable hydroponics is one of the many technologies that have excellent prospects for the UAE. The growth from 50 hydroponic farms in 2009 to greater than 1000 across the nation proves that investors have strong confidence in the sector.

Most traditional farmers rely on groundwater to irrigate their crops, but the amount and quality of the country’s reserves have been decreasing steadily after years of exploitation. Urban farming in cities like Dubai is critical for the future. Using the latest technology and techniques such as hydroponics is not only beneficial in terms of being eco-friendly but also financially and environmentally sustainable. This is the key to food security in the near future.

Federal and local government programmes aim to encourage farmers to be competitive in the market via agriculture investment funds worth AED 20 million annually. This is to support and finance modern farming techniques. The programmes include a range of services and financing and non-financing facilities to encourage the farming sector to introduce modern agricultural techniques. Also, reduce the harmful effects on the environment and contribute to the food security system.

Receiving Approvals for Your Farming license

The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) issues farming sector business licenses. In addition, you will be required to get permission from external agencies as well.

Below is a breakdown of some of the most common licenses requiring external approval through an online application with the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment:

  • Agricultural Consulting: Requires an agricultural engineer who holds a practising certificate in agricultural engineering with minimum experience of ten years in the country in the field of service and counselling for holders of bachelor’s degrees, and 6 years for holders of master’s degree, and 3 years for holders of PhD.
  • Agricultural Services: Requires an agricultural engineer who holds an agricultural engineering practice certificate with a minimum one year of experience.
  • Trade in Fertilizers and Agricultural Conditioners: Requires an agricultural engineer who holds a practising certificate in agricultural engineering. Providing a storage place that is well ventilated (with suction fans or cooling system to control temperature). With the isolated floor (having iron or wooden bases) to prevent materials leakage into the ground. And to keep the store floor, and the store must be located far away from residential areas.

Investing in a Site for Farming Business

With limited prime farming land in Dubai, it’s likely that you will opt for large warehouses instead, particularly if you plan to open a hydroponic farm. In the interest of consumer safety, you will have to assess if the site is environmentally suitable for your business. You will test the site for contaminants so that it doesn’t impact the food chain.

A key element to keep in mind before selecting your site is to investigate the logistic aspects of your site. Is your facility in an area that can safely accommodate for fertilisers? Will you able to draw the water that you require from the municipality? Do you have space for storage and processing if required?

Getting the Right Assistance

As you can imagine, there are many potential administrative steps that pose as an unexpected challenge to entrepreneurs entering this business. In order to save time and money, the best course of action is to turn to a consultancy firm that has helped people launch businesses in the farming sector. Through our experienced consultants, you will receive the appropriate advice to make your dreams come true.

Our initial no-obligation consultation is completely free. Also, you will walk away with a clear understanding of what is involved in launching your business.

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