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How to Start a Ceramics Business in Dubai?

Ceramics Business in Dubai
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This article will show how you can launch a small ceramics business in Dubai.

Since the term “ceramics business” can cover a lot of ground, we will focus on the pottery side of the ceramics business sector as we have noticed a surge in these types of businesses in recent years.

Understand the Fundamentals of Ceramics Business

Starting your own pottery business doesn’t require significant capital outlays or large-scale industrial equipment. If you know the fundamentals of pottery making, have some practice, and have access to essential equipment, you are on the right track!

When you launch your pottery business, pottery wheels and a kiln are usually two essential investments to get you going. However, other tools and equipment such as modeling tools, decoration materials, and other supplies will come in handy depending on your artistic vision.

Suppose you are not quite sure about what equipment and materials to get. In that case, several pottery studios across Dubai let you rent their facilities on a daily rate or membership basis. You may even discover that it might be economical to rent the pottery studios until you have a firm client base.

Getting the Correct Business License

There are a few options when it comes to getting a business license for your pottery business. If you plan to create your unique pieces and sell them directly to consumers, the best type of license is a local pottery trading license via the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). This will also permit you to create your retail storefront if your venture takes off.

If you plan to outsource your product from domestic and international pottery makers, you could get an eCommerce license to engage in trade. Many pottery sellers have found online platforms such as Shopify and Etsy as their primary revenue drivers. They are great at expanding your customer audience regionally and even globally.

Market your Ceramics Business Products

In the Dubai pottery market, people who purchase handmade pieces appreciate the time and skill that goes into each creation and will be willing to pay a little extra for a one-of-a-kind piece. These are the type of individuals you’ll target when determining how to market your business. Your pottery must stand out from the low-priced mass-produced products in the market.

Dubai is full of talented people and creative businesses. But, unfortunately, for every person who succeeds in turning their passion into a business, others fizzle out. After speaking to countless entrepreneurs, we have noted that poor marketing is the common theme in those who struggle.

You can create the best ceramic pottery, but if you can’t get it in front of the right target audience, you will struggle to stay afloat as a business. Businesses in this sector must find creative advertising methods such as running online pottery tutorials, in-person pottery classes, or behind-the-scenes social media posts. Sometimes submitting your products to local art galleries, community fairs, and women entrepreneur support groups can give you a surge in business.

While you Create Art, We Can Take Care of the Paperwork

We help entrepreneurs of all sizes and budgets accomplish their business ownership dreams. Please speak to one of our consultants for a free consultation to help you launch your pottery business today!

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