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How To Get a Business License to Sell on

How to Sell on
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This article will show how you can get a business license to sell via

Many entrepreneurs aspire to make their fortunes via e-commerce as online transactions continue to grow yearly. One of the biggest companies in eCommerce in the region is known as “Noon” or “” Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, Noon is an e-commerce marketplace that targets the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt; it is great for both consumers and local businesses.

With a population comfortable with smartphones and a high internet penetration rate, entrepreneurs understandably want to take full advantage of the commercial opportunities. Playing a crucial role in this ecosystem, Noon attracts customers with same-day or next-day delivery, well-structured return policies, and top-notch customer service.

Understanding the Fundamentals

The first fundamental question you want to answer is what Noon can do for you. Think of Noon as a gigantic shopping mall or market that attracts a lot of traffic and footfall.

By selling your goods through Noon, its extensive client base can see your products and buy from a platform they are familiar with. You can find a complete list of products you can sell on the platform via this link on their website. Understandably, there are fees associated with selling, distributing, and shipping via Noon; however, the sales volume tends to compensate sellers for these expenditures.

Most importantly, Noon provides free onboarding training. For entrepreneurs who have never engaged in e-commerce, it’s best to sign up for their monthly training sessions, so you can take advantage of all the selling tools they offer.

One of the critical requirements to be able to sell on Noon is to have a valid business license. This policy is in place to protect Noon as well as consumers. Your business will also need a business bank account. Noon will automatically transfer your sales to your bank account every week. In addition, you will receive a payment statement for each transaction.

Documents Required for Noon

You will need to provide the following documents to create your Noon seller account:

  • Trading license
  • VAT certificate
  • Passport / residence visa
  • Business bank account
  • Information for the designated individual for the business

Which Business License Should I Get?

The license you get significantly depends on how you imagine the evolution of your business to be in the long term. If you are looking for a quick, cost-effective license, getting a free zone business license from jurisdictions such as Ajman Free Zone, UAQ Free Zone, or Dubai South is the recommended course of action. The license can be for e-commerce or specific to your product niche. In some jurisdictions, you can get your license in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

A free zone license works well with Noon because it can act as your local distributor. They can take care of delivering the goods to the customers, and your role can be limited to making sure their fulfillment centers have the inventory for the orders. Remember that when you sell on Noon, you can use Noon’s warehouse and fulfilment services, drop shipping services, or hold stock in your warehouse.

If you are thinking of the long term, a local license is a better option as you may want to diversify your selling channels beyond Noon. You might develop a loyal following for your product and transition to your e-commerce platform or other well-known platforms such as

A local license gives you more flexibility in terms of warehouse choices and lowers costs for renting business premises. Many sellers on Noon go on to open their brick-and-mortar stores once they have firmly established themselves in the local market. A surge in demand may also lead to growth in staffing numbers which some free zone licenses cannot accommodate without upgrades.

Start Your Journey as an e-Commerce Entrepreneur by Contacting Us

If you need assistance setting up your e-commerce business through Noon or any other platform, we’re here to help. We can also help in picking the best type of license for you. Get in touch with our seasoned team, and we’d be happy to provide you with up-to-date advice and top tips on how you can successfully launch your venture.

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