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How to Start a Bakery Business in Dubai?

Bakery Business
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This article will highlight how you can start a bakery business in Dubai.

The idea of starting a bakery business can be one that is very appealing if you love to bake. Many amateur bakers have discovered a new passion for baking during the COVID-19 lockdown. However, it’s essential to consider all the aspects of starting a bakery and running it to determine if it’s the ideal path for you.

Discover Your Niche

You will need to review your talent, budget, and goals when opening a bakery business. Researching the local Dubai market will provide additional insights. By focusing on a niche audience, you are helping to limit competitors. You may discover that there is a high demand for bakeries that make cupcakes, birthday, or wedding cakes. If your product is of high quality, you can charge a premium fee and make your brand stand out.

Alternatively, you may discover that margins are thin if you aspire for a high-volume business model by producing things like naan, pita bread, and other forms of food popular in the local market. The increased competition makes it awfully hard to stand out with so many established local players who produce these items on an industrial scale.

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Location and Service Options for Bakery Shop

As with many other businesses, the location of your bakery business plays a critical role in the success of your venture. With the substantial growth in commercial space across Dubai, you have the option to choose amongst a whole array of facilities located in residential areas, business districts, and shopping plazas.

In terms of service options, an increasingly popular option is to sell your goods via a website through delivery services. If you are in a business district or shopping mall where people are always on the go, you can have a walk-up counter. If you are in a residential area, space, where you can both sit down and dine, is a growing trend in the local bakery scene. A space to order and enjoy some cake on a scenic sidewalk may help you set yourself apart from the competition.

Bakery License in Dubai

You will need a local license to operate a bakery business successfully in Dubai. You can find the general requirements for getting a DED license elsewhere on this website. The most critical aspect is that bakeries are subject to the additional necessity of abiding by the local “Food Code”.

The Food Code is an initiative of the Food Control Department of the Dubai Municipality to ensure food safety from food production to consumption. It is an initiative to instill safety standards in the local bakery industry, similar to rules applicable in other developed nations.

Here are some of the requirement for bakeries that you will need to provide to the Dubai Municipality:

  • Interior design layout of the premises
  • Highlight all entry and exit points
  • Space for processing food
  • Space for storing food
  • Windows and ventilation system
  • Location of food equipment that will be used to process the food
  • Dishwashers and other supportive equipment

The requirements are subject to change; therefore, we encourage that you check with a consultant or the municipality for the latest list to ensure compliance and easy incorporation.

Bakery Business Setup Specialist

We have helped establish many bakery businesses in Dubai and can provide you with money and time-saving advice. We offer a free consultation where one of our seasoned experts will provide you with incorporation advice along with access to our extensive network of partners. Don’t delay, reach out today to make your bakery business dream come true!

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