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How to Get an Alcohol License in Dubai?

Alcohol License Dubai
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Learn how to get an alcohol license in Dubai by following the steps highlighted in this article.

As of 2020, you no longer need an alcohol license to consume alcohol in Dubai. While it is no longer a criminal offense to drink without a license, however, to purchase alcohol, you still need a license.

The most important rules to remember are that individuals who consume alcohol in Dubai:

  • Must be over twenty-one
  • Not belong to the Muslim faith

No loophole can circumvent the age or religious constraint, and if you drink alcohol in violation of these restrictions, you could be subject to legal repercussions. Offenders can face up to six months in prison and a fine. Homebrewing alcohol at your residence is also a violation that can lead to legal proceedings.

Requirements to Get an Alcohol License in Dubai

The process to get an alcohol license in Dubai is simplified with the changes in the regulations for Dubai residents. You no longer require an extensive set of documents to get your license. The only document needed is your Emirates ID.

With your Emirates ID in hand, proceed to either one of two licensed alcohol retailers in Dubai, African + Eastern, or Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI). The personnel at the store can process your application which takes three to four weeks. The cost of the alcohol license is AED 270. The stores often have special offers for alcohol license applicants and provide vouchers to match the license costs to attract clients.

Once you have an alcohol license, you can also order alcohol online via a dedicated portal. is an initiative that both African + Eastern and MMI support to bring license holders a legal home delivery service for all forms of alcoholic drinks.

Liquor License for Tourists

If you are not a resident visa holder, you can apply for an instant 30-day alcohol license as a tourist. Simply visit an alcohol retailer with your passport and UAE entry stamp. The retailer will copy the documents and provide a brochure that includes guidelines for responsible drinking in Dubai.

You can also take advantage of alcohol sales at duty-free stores. As you enter Dubai via either of the two airports.

Buy Alcohol in the Other Emirates as a Dubai Resident

Except in Sharjah, you can legally buy alcohol without a license in most other emirates. Sharjah has a strict policy against all alcohol sales. However, you may find that shopping from other jurisdictions can pose a challenge if you must transit via the dry jurisdiction of Sharjah. Therefore, it is much easier to get an alcohol license in Dubai instead and enjoy the convenience of having easy access to alcohol near your home.

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